Monday, 2 July 2018

You Were The One Thing I Tried To Hold Onto..

Hi Dolls,
I've just been feeling all over the map lately with my sl and rl feelings and just all around let down by the people I used to love... I have the best people in my life with my rl boyfriend and both rl and sl families and I'm so glad I do I'm living my best life and I'm so happy but sometimes you're just stuck grieving the past of old the point of feeling crazy and it's hard to accept the love you already have around you ♥ Being used is real and it's hard as fuck to move on from..I loved both people for many years..and losing them has been so tough it's teared my heart I got used to having them around and now that they're not..I'm sad and the worst part is I feel like the only one going through it..So this is me processing these feelings and letting them go!

The bright side is this blog turned out so beautifully and I'm so happy to see that I can turn these broken moments and these hurtful demons into something creative and amazing and I can focus on that and the people that fill my heart with love and I can move on for my happiness♥

~Keep positive, love and take care of yourselves, Dolls ♥

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Mesh Head: Lelutka - Simone Bento
Skin: Essences - Clara #Pale02 (Lelutka) {Powder Pack Exclusive}

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P & S - Boudoir 7
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Friday, 1 June 2018

And Those Lips..Were too Good to Be True..

Hi Dolls, 
I'm happy to be back! it's been forever ♥ 
Today I'm showcasing this beautiful mesh head from Genesis Labs the jawline is incredible and full of aesthetic I'm in love!
 It's one of those moments where you go back in time in your mind to all the memories and the lies and the good times but it's what I go back to that is was too good to be true and I'll be better off but I'll always remember ♥ 

Mesh Body Parts:
Mesh Head: Genesis Labs - Nelly {RARE} {Gacha 99/Play}
Skin: Genesis Labs - Dafne - Cappuchino
Make-Up: Genesis Labs - Eyeliners - Dafne {Secret 13}

//Elephante Poses - Sassy *4 year birthday gift* {No longer available}

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Already Choking On My Pride..So There's No Use Crying About It...

Hey Dolls!

I felt like doing a little bit of an inspiration post last night but I ended up making it my own as I tend to do *laughs* So here it is ^

Message of the day: We are all going to get old eventually so do what makes you happy and stop crying over the things & people who don't ♥ You don't need to please anybody but yourself ♥

Xoxo ~ Vena ♥

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Panties:[CV] Subscriber Gift [03]  Bot - Maitreya {N/A}

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Doll: Garbaggio // Ambitious Blonde (Hold) 50L/Per Play Inworld or 150L on MP!

Label Motion - Sissy Pose 3

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

When The World Is Glorifying The Villain, Someone Needs To Notice The Heroine

Hey Dolls!
I know that this will be a sensitive topic for some and controversial for others. However since the world is already weighing in I figured I might as well.

Holly Madison to me personally is a hero.

When everyone was against her she stood against the crowd and stood for her own story and what she believed as her own truth. Which is something I can relate to quite well. Not only did she choose to stand up for herself but she picked herself up from the depths of the depression, shook herself off and got on to do what makes her happy and proved to be a better life. Someone who owned their sexuality, insecurities and struggles when others have pushed them down has my support and care always. Holly I admire you a lot! So this is for you dear ♥
~Honoring you on this particular day! ~XoXo Dolls!

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Mesh Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body - Hourglass 
Mesh Hands: Slink Hands - Dynamic - Female - Gesture
Mesh Feet:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet - Deluxe
Mesh Boobs: Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Emerald BLUSH Cleavage {Group Gift N/A}

Hair: :::Phoenix::: Bridget Hair - Dark Blondes

Panties: Blueberry / Midnight Madness / Mew - Hourglass (Midnight Mania Exclusive OVER}

Rowne.Singer - Paparazzi
Earrings: *MC* Gypsy Beads #Mint Brown
Heels: Ingenue :: Oksana Heels :: Blush (50L/Per Play @The Main Store

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Take Me With You..I Start To Miss You.

Hey Dolls, Today I thought I'd take you on a little adventurous hike (in heels of course!) to show off this cute little outfit I've assembled.

Oh my gosh I have been busy and I have for sure missed SL! College is amazing, but I still miss the days of lounging on sl and having 0 responsibility Vena take me to Neverland with youuu!

But all jokes and desperate pleas aside (lol) I've been enjoying the simplistic vibes of old SL skins, outfits and of course even the hair!

So without further ado here they are: Much Love Dollies ♥ Xoxo ~Vena

Mesh Body Parts:
Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  JULY GG 2013 CL {Free Wow Skins GG (450L Fee)}

Mesh Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body

Hair: [ SIXTY NINE ] - HAIR 01 - Chestnut

Sweater: [Pumpkin]Stretched sweater (m, female) {Old GG Discontinued}
Pants: [Pumpkin]Night set(Pants/Shadow) {Old GG Discontinued}

Heels: Essenz - Albufeira (Soft Yellow) Maitreya

Saturday, 3 June 2017

I'm So Done With You & Me...

All this toxic conversation has me thinking 
Every word has gone to waste
Is your bitter medication
Let me know how that taste

I come to a realization
You're just in love with the chase
Best believe you tried my patience
Ended up hands at stake

Don't want you back,
No point in begging on your knees
Nothing that I haven't seen before
Don't want you back, 
I'm done with all this, "Baby, please"
You ain't gonna fuck with me, no more

Hey Lovelies! 

Personal shade aside *laughs* 
This is Akina she was super fantastic and agreed to be in my blog post today. Even though sadly I did not give her any ponies for being in it haha I did make us look uber cute so I mean that counts right? 

Blueberry has made the cutest little lingerie called Cookie! You know I can't help myself with cute lingerie so I bought mine during the 50% off grid wide sale! I think it's gorgeous and incredibly flattering you can still get yours full price @Blueberry Flaunt it! 

~Xoxo Love you all, Vena 

Head: CATWA - Lona Mesh Head
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Venus V4 LITE
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - MIMOSA - Fudge {Massive Group MM Board's Gift OVER}
Hair: Blues. Anna Lee - Naturals 1 

Lingerie: Blueberry - Cookie - Lingerie Set - Red {Blueberry 50% Store Wide Sale {OVER}

Bracelet: pr!tty - TSS - Bangles - Autumn - [1] {Free Gift 1 Year Anniversary @TSS OVER!

Head: CATWA - Catya Mesh Head
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body
Hair:  - Magika - Stay the Night - HUD 1

Lingerie: Blueberry - Cookie - Lingerie Set - Black

Nails: - RE - Precious Set

Necklace:  RE - Kitty Pearls Necklace
Rings:  - Kibitz - Love Rings

Thursday, 1 June 2017

But It Don't Come Easy...It Don't Come Cheap.

Hi Darlings! 
I thought I'd do a quick little blog about these adorable heels! You'll know I love me some barbie pink and sexy stripper heels *laughs as I show them all off* 

In all honesty today I wanted to talk about love.
Love doesn't come easy and it's not something you can buy, bribe, fake or something you can chase. 

Real love is genuine. Yes there are people out there who don't treat love the way it is in it's purest form but I wanted to say to you don't let that turn you to stone.

 Love is all around you. I know that because, I found mine when I took a step back from chasing the one person in my life  who could never ever truly love me back and leaned on the ones who did. My life is beautiful, Yours can be too. Life is so worth living and allowing your heart to sore will send you thousand of miles and skies above anyone who tells you different. 

I spent so many years afraid of it, sheltering myself and letting others dictate who I'm allowed to be and what emotions I'm allowed to feel. But in light of all of it. I was able to find myself and see the better person I was meant to become. 

Just because someone tells you you need to stay down and stay small to keep them happy or from leaving you. I'll tell you now that's crap RUN GIRL RUN! 

First and foremost learn to love yourself, Allow the shy friend or the family member who drops everything the moment you're down and runs to you with open arms, the people who adore you and fight for you as much as you'd do for them and yourself. Allow them to be your new best friend, your family and finally allow yourself to be your own best friend and to be peaceful, pleasant and light! 

You can do it! Get inspired, go out once in awhile, do what makes you smile feel proud and accomplished and choose to share all the best and sad moments in both lives with ones who bring you up and don't tear you down! 
Allow yourself to rise up to your full potential. Love the people around you in life who bring you joy. Shine positivity and don't ever change who you are because someone says you have to YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE WHO YOU ARE! 

Life isn't always perfect but it's worth living and I truly hope that maybe not now but one day you read this post and it opens your eyes to the world outside.

Catch the enchanting parts in life and release the poor. Because we all know At the end of the day love isn't cheap ♥

~I love you all so much and I send all my support, hugs and love 
Xoxo - Vena

Shoes: ALTAIR* bell geta .pink. (gold bells)
Photography Set:
+Half-Deer+ Soiree Curtains - White Gold Dots - Tied
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